* Restoration starts with a home visit to assess any/all repairs your clock requires.

      * An estimate is given.

      * When the estimate is accepted we collect your clock.

      * We then perform the necessary work.

      * We return your clock to you and set it up correctly.

When we are asked to repair/restore a clock an assessment is done to establish whether the clock requires simply cleaning and oiling or whether something inside the clock is badly worn or broken.

An estimate is normally given at this point - however, dismantling may be necessary before we can ascertain the exact problem and/or extent of any damage/repairs required.

Ontime Clock Services take great pride in seeing each clock restored to full working order and looking as good as possible.

To find out more about our clock repair and restoration service please contact us either by our freephone number or by email.

                                            0800 756 6776

                      07727 654 112